ZARA Imitating Nike Kicks?

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Trendy look for less, retailer Zara is notorious for copying and jacking swag designs and aesthetic from high end brands like Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Celine (and others) and selling it to the buying public for a super small fraction of the price. They say imitation is the biggest form of flattery, but it looks like Zara may have taking it a wee bit far this time.

Zara’s “Sneakers with Curve Detail” which resembles several Nike sneakers mashed into one, looks a bit crazy. Instead of getting inspired by a particular sneaker or lifting a design cue or two, this feels like Zara just threw together random pieces from every trendy Nike model in recent memory and release. The Zara sneaker honestly looks like a Nike Roshe, KD7, Air Presto and Flyknit Racer all coupled into one.

If you’re so bold and don’t really give f*ck, you can cop here from Zara at $70.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Zara swiped the Nike silhouette or was it just a coincidence? Check out the video below and SHARE to see what others think.

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