Young Buck Finally Speaks Up About A Burning Question On All Of Our Minds

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He was asked by Bizkit to share his Top 5 Dead or Alive list.

young buck jadakiss

Source: Youtube – itzbizkit

Being that Jadakiss’ album of this past year is titled Top 5 Dead Or Alive, it was only proper that Buck tribute the project’s name by sounding off on his own list of top rappers of all-time.

His 5th choice definitely caught our attention.

Since he’s from the South, Buck started off his list with Scarface, and then added in Tupac and Biggie, but also included Jada, himself. The last one, however, definitely was an interesting selection, but understandable being that it’s coming from Young Buck.

The Top 5 debate continues to be important.

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Source: Youtube – The comedy Crock-Pot

The Top 5 debate is heavy in hip hop, and always evolving based on new talent that emerges, and new criteria that comes into conversations, such as the effects of social media, streaming numbers, and more. As long as fans are continuing to spark the discussion, the culture will always be given life.