You’ll Never Guess Why Tupac Viciously Shot Two Cops Back in 1993

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Tupac Spitting

Source: Twitter @WilRuizNYG

Throughout his turbulent career, the embattled rapper Tupac Shakur has faced a lot of obstacles revolving our around violence and skirmishes with police officers. Considering he was a high-profile celebrity, cops would often times try to test him just so they could place him in cuffs. While Pac was a very high-tempered person, he also was a man of the people. One day in 1993, he had enough of their games and decided to stand up for a helpless motorist.

After watching the motorist be harassed by two policemen, Pac – being the petulant hothead that he is – allegedly pulled out a gun and shot one officer in the leg and the other in the buttocks.

Fortunately for Pac, after it was revealed that the cops were intoxicated and stole the guns from the police evidence room, charges against him were dropped. SHARE this with your friends.