You’ll Never Guess Which Rapper Wants Troy Ave DEAD!!!

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Who doesn’t love beef, right? Well, it appears that this beef between Joey Bada$$ and Troy Ave is quickly spiraling out of control. If you recall, Joey Bada$$ dissed Troy on his newest record, “Ready”, when he rapped  “60K first week for the Bada$$ / 200K to this day I know you niggas mad / With the 80-20 split my nigga do the math / My nigga Kirk just outsold Troy Ave.” Of course, vexed by Joey’s stab, Troy viciously responded back on “Bad Ass”, where he scathingly thrashed Capital Steez for committing suicide back in 2012. Because of his decision to poke fun at the dead and Joey’s righthand, especially someone who committed suicide, this sparked outrage within the rap community.

A$AP Mob defended Pro Era’s leading star and championed for him by electing to come after Troy Ave on Twitter. A$AP Addie & A$AP Twelvyy showed no remorse as they decimated Troy on Twitter and even wished death on the “All About the Money” rapper.

Troy Ave attends Wrkng Title Fall 2014

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“Troy Average just need to die already,” tweeted A$AP Addie. He continued bashing  Troy with a series of tweets explaining why the world would be a better place without him. “Straight up sum ppl really just need to die forreal forreal. The world be a better place. Ain’t nobody goin show love @ ur funeral anyways” His partner, A$AP Twelvvy, also blasted Troy with his own diatribe, as well.

“PRO ERA FLATBUSH ZOMBIES A$AP SHOUT OUT TO THE WEIRDOS WIT REAL FANS,” he tweeted. “Can’t wait for a n*gga in NYC to come for my head I’m a kiss these bitches on they cheek. Always down for a one on one. Fuvk hovain fat a$$ too.” Then, he finally let the hammer down on Troy and Co. with his last tweet.  “Fuck Lito fuxk Troy fuck hovain and whoever love em.”

The numbers aren’t in Troy’s favor if he does plan to go against Pro Era and A$AP Mob. We’ll keep you updated. SHARE with your friends.