You’ll Never Guess Which Rapper Secretly Got Married

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Yesterday was the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr., and the #MLKNow event was held in NYC, gathering together many big names to discuss the importance of his legacy and social injustice. While many important things were said, some shocking information was revealed about rapper J. Cole, who was on the panel of celebrities. Creed director Ryan Coogler was having an important discussion with the rapper, when he asked him about being married, revealing the unknown news that Cole was actually a married man.

J. Cole in NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 05: J. Cole attends BALLY’s ‘Off the Grid’ New York Premiere on August 5, 2015 in New York City

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The reveal

Cooler basically forced Cole to address his marriage by bringing it up in a question with the rapper, who jokingly criticized him for asking him about it. When Cooler questioned whether it was known information, Cole responded, “well, they know now!” It looks like this has been kept a secret for some time, but unfortunately we have no details of the wedding, and when this took place.

The history of him and his wife’s relationship

j. cole wife

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Jermaine and Melissa have known each other for over a decade, as the couple were college sweethearts when the two attended St. John’s University together. Cole graduated in 2007, and went on to pursue his rap career, and has been with her ever since. While they’ve shared a lot of trials and tribulations, which Cole has rapped about before, the two were reportedly engaged in 2014. Melissa was even spotted looking at wedding dresses at a point, but gave no information on when the wedding would possibly be.