You Won’t Believe What Happened To These Washed Up Rappers

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When we look back on great music, it seems like there are a lot of artists that are still here from the earlier years, but there are some that are long gone from the industry. There are rappers such as Lil Wayne, JAY Z, Diddy, and many more who have been able to provide us with hits for decades, but others who gave us smash records back-to-back, and then disappeared. We decided to dive into the vaults of our old music playlists and find out what happened to some of the former names that gave us some chart-topping hits.

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See what happened to these washed up artists on the following pages.


Mario was the King of getting us through our breakups, and making them into makeups back in the 2000’s, but lately, he’s been off the radar after his Dancing With the Stars gig. Apparently, he’s working on new music, but we’ll have to see if it’s a dope follow-up to “Somebody Else” from 2013.

Murphy Lee

Who da he’ll done put ciroc in my lemonade. #MyExcuse #BackToTheBasics #ImBack

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Murphy Lee used to provide some catchy verses for a lot of the Southern goodies back in the day, and rode hard with Nelly in the industry. Now, the rapper has seemingly been absent from the game, but has just made a comeback with a new project.