You Had Only One Job: Songs That Actually Have Errors In Them

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Being a rapper is already difficult in itself, and finding content matter can be full of research at times, especially as a conscious MC. While rap has seen some of the most intelligent rhymes the world could ever fathom, there have still been some major slip ups in the game. Kanye West is actually a pretty big culprit of that, and even some of the biggest veterans in the game had their off days.

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Check out songs that have errors in them on the following pages.

Nicki Minaj – “Your Love”

Nicki MInaj at BET’s 106 & PARTY’s New Years Eve specia

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The line says, “When I was a geisha he was a samurai, somehow I understood him when he spoke Thai.” Samurais speak Japanese, and not Thai.

Kanye West – “Two Words”

Kanye West part owner in fat burger

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Yeezy rapped, “I live by two words, Fawk you, pay me,” but unfortunately, that’s four words.