YG And His Adorable Daughter Will Melt Your Heart

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YG has had a crazy life, as we all know from his debut album that released two years ago, but he recently started a whole new crazy journey that’s full of love and positivity. The Oakland rapper recently welcomed his brand new baby girl, Harmony, at the beginning of this year, and she has stolen his heart ever since. The little girl is absolutely adorable, and the effect she has on her daddy is the cutest thing ever, despite his tougher exterior to the public eye.

yg daughter

Source: Instagram @yg

Check out how adorable YG and his new daughter are on the following pages.

When she wore red, as per her daddy’s approval.

yg daughter

Source: Instagram @yg

Harmony’s first word is going to be “Bompton” at this rate. 

When she kept him sane

yg instagram daughter

Source: Instagram @YG

YG captioned this photo saying that his little girl was the only thing keeping him sane, and with that cute face, how could he not stay cool and collected?