Wiz Khalifa Doesn't Like Only Being Viewed As A “Stoner”

Wiz Khalifa Doesn’t Like Only Being Viewed As A “Stoner”

Wiz Khalifa is one the game’s most well-known weed heads, but the rapper wants to move forward from being judged only as a stoner. According to the Taylor Gang CEO, the public’s pot lover perception of him is hindering the advancement of his career. Read his full quote below and watch the interview above.
“I was just talking with one of my homies yesterday, I kind of want to break the stigma of everything I do is like a ‘stoner this’ or a ‘weed head’ that. That’s what I built my marketing off of and my brand but at the end of the day everyone who is successful in film or in music get’s high and they don’t look at them as “the stoner.” When I get past that point I think I’ll make more movies and do different things so to people it doesn’t look forced or look like I’m trying to change lanes or change gears. It’ll just be people ready for me to do that anyway.”
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