Will We Ever See A 2Pac Biopic?

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Here at HHMW there has been an issue that concerns us about a film that has yet to happen. Acquiring minds want to know when will fans get to see the daylight such as a 2Pac biopic especially since many of the great artists (living and deceased) have had biopics under their belt. Is 2Pac’s life worth it to producers and filmmakers? The fans want to see it!

2Pac was more than just a recording artist — he was an activist in the community. We’re not sure if it’s a clearance/rights issue regarding music or the rights to his estate but, and I’m sure others would agree, a biopic on 2Pac’s life would be a great service to celebrate this man’s life. We’ve seen biopics on Biggie Smalls, Whitney Houston, The Temptations, N.W.A., James Brown, Tina Turner, Ray Charles, Selena, among many others. Is 2Pac’s life not worth capturing on cinema? This man’s story needs to be heard and presented in such a light that no other biopic can compare.

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