Why A 'Free Max B' Petition Means So Much To His Fans

Why A ‘Free Max B’ Petition Means So Much To His Fans

Max B has been locked up for years now, and from the looks of things, it doesn’t seem like he may get out anytime soon. The rapper was sentenced to 75 years in prison back in 2009, and his strong fan base still has hope that he will get out sometime soon. There have been plenty of jokes and memes to back that concept up, as “Free Max B” has become a social media hashtag, t-shirt line, and much more. Now that a petition to free Biggaveli has been created, we are taking a look back as to why that means so much to his fans. [above1]
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Source: Twitter @schoolboyj_

Check out some of the best ‘Free Max B’ pitches on the following pages.

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