Who’s Coming Out On Top? Tomorrow Is A Very Big Day For Album Releases

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Jeezy Church In These Streets

Source: Def Jam Records

The month of November has been pretty heavy with new music releases, but this week is definitely a huge one in hip hop as far as albums are concerned. Tomorrow is a big day in the album release area, as there are four pretty big names dropping projects all on the same day. While many are expecting Justin Bieber to come out on top with his Purpose, there are still three more hip hop contenders that will have to fight it out for the next winning spot on the charts.

Jeezy has been prepping his Church In These Streets album for quite some time, and tomorrow, his longtime fans will finally get their hands on it. Although his fan base has been hype all year about celebrating the 10th anniversary of TM 101, his debut album, there’s still some major excitement for new Snowman material. This project will definitely show Jeezy’s growth, as he’s tapping more into his Pastor side, raising awareness on the social injustices that have been occurring throughout the country involving racial tensions.

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Ty Dolla $ign Free TC

Source: Atlantic Records

Ty Dolla $ign is another name that will finally be dropping his debut album tomorrow titled Free TC, and it’s highly anticipated. Fans have gotten tons of material from Ty Dolla over the years, but they’re finally getting his debut project that’s been in the works for quite some time. His single, “LA” has proved to be breaking through into the new state of R&B, while keeping some of that street sound and lyricism. Free TC may make the permanent shift over into the new sound that infuses trap music into R&B.

Lastly, Def Jam is prepping another release, as Logic is set to drop his highly-anticipated sophomore album, The Incredible True Story. While mainstream hip hop fans might not have experienced heavy marketing for the project, his fan base is stronger than ever and ready for all the new material from the Maryland rapper. With some conscious lyricism and dope story-telling, Logic has the opportunity to come out on top amongst the other three contenders.

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