White Shaming In Hip Hop: Has It Gone Too Far?

White Shaming In Hip Hop: Has It Gone Too Far?

This weekend, Justin Bieber stirred up conversation after he was photo’d rocking some cornrows as a new temporary hairstyle. While the singer was simply on vacation and just trying out a new hairdo, some argued that he may be misappropriating black culture, similar to the way that Kylie Jenner was called out a year ago when she rocked the same style. Despite the fact that the Biebz embraces hip hop culture often, and artists have been embracing him, hip hop fans still find ways to shame him for it, despite his love for the culture. [above1]
Justin Bieber Cornrows
Source: Instagram @justinbieber

Read more on why white people should stop apologizing for embracing  hip hop on the following pages.

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