White Police Officer Takes 5-Year Old Black Kid Sneaker Shopping

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WhitePolice Officer Takes 5 year old boy sneaker shopping

Source: St. Louis News 4

With all of the recent and unfair police brutality against minority shootings taking place in America within the last three years, police have undoubtedly received a bad rap as the bad guys. So much so that many african americans are now either scared of the police or try to challenged them because of their subsequent dislike.

There is, by no means, or any possible way to justify the inhumane crimes and murders that have taking place. However, how is one to feel when the people that are suppose to be protecting you are the ones that are in fact committing the real crime.

Recently, in attempts to help a young boy somewhat cope and ease the pain of witnessing his mother being shot, one white police officer decided to show and demonstrate to the world, that not all police officers are bad. Instead he decided to show that there are plenty of officers like him with a good heart and  but have just been giving bad raps based on societal views.

On August 12, in North St. Louis, shots were fired into the car of 24-year-old Whitney Brown while her son, 5-year-old Jakeem sat in the back. Sadly, she died on the spot. Following the traumatic incident, a St. Louis County police officer and his wife, both of whom wish to remain nameless, took young Jakeem shopping for school supplies. The couple bought Jakeem black and green sneakers, green shirts and jackets (green was his mom’s favorite color).

Jakeem’s grandmother, Erica Jones told St. Louis News 4:

You don’t find too many people who would be willing to help somebody going through tragedy. His gesture of kindness and gratitude that he showed to my grandson speaks volumes.

She also went on to say:

she hopes others will see the officers gestures and learn not to think all police officers are bad.

What are your thoughts on this act of kindness? Do you think you’ll look at police different or do you think it’s going to make more than just one police officer to change your views?

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