Where Are They Now: The Cast Of ‘My Brother And Me’

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There are a lot of 90’s shows that won over our hearts, but My Brother and Me was able to do so in such a short time. The Nickelodeon series was not very popular during its airing time on television, which is why it had only had one season before being taken off the air. The show was full of unknown child actors and actresses that haven’t been dabbling in as much work in the entertainment industry, making this ‘Where Are They Now’ series pretty interesting.


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Check out the cast of My Brother And Me on the following pages.


my brother and me

Source: Youtube Christopher Galloway

Alfie was always getting himself into situations he didn’t mean to, when all he wanted was to do the right thing, stay popular, and keep Goo out of trouble.


arthur reggie iii

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Today, Arthur Reggie III is a father and still working on his career by dabbling in some entertainment aspects.