Where Are They Now: ‘Menace to Society’

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In the 90’s, people were enamored by gun-toting flicks. Movies that captured the plight of African Americans in the hood resonated with that demographic because it was everyday life. The struggle. The violence. The thought of living destitute in a crime-riddled neighborhood was a sad reality for most. Several movies were able to seamlessly capture those elements, one being Menace II Society. The movie dropped in 1993 and featured some very notable actors who used this movie to catapult themselves to bigger and better flicks. See for yourself.

Menace II Society

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See Where the Cast of Menace II Society Is Now.

Tyrin Turner – “Caine”

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Turner was the lead character in the movie and played the role of Caine. Caine was a young kid who was infatuated with the street life and wanted the finer things.

Tyrin Turner

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Since Menace II Society, Turner was featured in several films like Belly & Lil Boy Blue. He also was featured on several notable songs with artists like Tyrese and Scarface. He has been off the radar in terms of acting for over five years.