Where Are They Now: Family Matters

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Family Matters was another classic black sit-com in the 90’s that thrived of the idea of family. With Carl Winslow being at helm of the clan, he provided numerous life lessons to his kid and family pest/friend, Steve Urkel. For years, this family provided us laughs and even at some moments, tears.

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Where Are They Now: ‘Family Matters’

Jaheel White (Steve Urkel)

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The super intelligent Urkel was beloved by many for his quirky ways and constant pursuit of Laura Winslow.


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After “Family Matters”, Jahill White took his talents to “Sonic” where he was the voice for the uber fast Hedgehog. He also later made appearances on “The Game,” was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, and hosted a show on Syfy called Total Blackout.