What The Shot Callers Push: Top 10 Whips in Hip-Hop

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Some of the rides on this list cost a pretty penny and some of the rappers we know and love have 7car garages filled with them. Rappers who are finically set usually spend a decent amount of there wealth on whips. Both east and west coast rappers differ on taste in clothes, jewelry, hair and even flow but one thing they all have in common are the rides they choose. These cars usually appear in almost everyones’s top ten list. Here are categories of cars that rap icons have chosen from over the years.



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Chevrolet Impala

Nod your head to the West Coast for introducing the quintessential low rider. You cant put on Dre or Snoop and not think of a Chevrolet Impala bouncing on 24s.


New Car Models Debut At Los Angeles Auto Show

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Cadillac Escalade

A big baler needs a big truck come on, man you know that! It doesnt matter if its stature or rep, rappers that like to push SUVs like to run the show.

Sports Cars

2010 Paris Motor Show Press Day

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When racing was popular you would see videos with a Porsche growling at the line. Now you see them speeding past the cops on the road. Either way, sports cars have always been whats up make and model is just as important than glitz and horsepower.