What Happened At The 2015 Revolt Music Conference?

What Happened At The 2015 Revolt Music Conference?

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This past weekend, the 2015 Revolt Music Conference went down at the FountaineBleu hotel in Miami Beach, which thousands of artists, managers, entrepreneurs, and more attended. Both Friday and Saturday were lined up with prestigious panels for attendees to sit in on and absorb tons of wisdom and information on how to make it successfully in the music business. Some of the biggest names behind our favorite artists came out to spread their recipes for success, including those in radio, digital content production, A&R work, production, and management. [ad type=’inarticle1′] The vibes throughout the conference were overall positive, although a couple of points were met with some disapproval from many audience members in separate panels. The determination and hunger that a lot of aspiring artists showed was inspiring to many of the panelists throughout the weekend, however, there were some disruptive points during the Q&A sessions. The first moment of disruption came during the A&R panel when one of the audience members used the Q&A session to crash the stage and spit some rhymes, in hopes of connecting with one of them for business. Despite the boo’s that were chanted from the audience, and his persistence even through security bombarding him, Puff ended up giving him a standing ovation as he was sitting in the second row. This began a series of similar events that occurred at the Q&A sessions with Scooter Braun, and even Puff later on. [ad type=’inarticle2′] Read more on the Revolt Music Conference from this weekend on the following page. [continueReading]

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