What “El Chapo”Spends His Money On

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Twitter: @ivan_guzman_

Aside from being being one of the most notorious and elusive men in the world, he is also a powerful and drug cartel mastermind. Having escaped from jail twice and currently still at large, it’s reported that Joaquín Guzmán’s or, as the rest of the world knows him, El Chapo, is worth a reported $1 billion. So with all that money what does a Mexican drug lord spend it on?

Mimicking, popular movies like Scarface and City of God, one would assume that El Chapo would only spend his money on lavish homes, yatches and fancy cars, but according to a couple of Twitter post that went up by Chapo’s sons, Ivan and Alfredo it seems like a lot of Chapo’s “earnings” are invested in good timepieces.

From Rolex’s, Hublot’s, Audemars Piguet’s and more, it seems like they not only have ’em all and enjoy stuntin’ to let you know. Check out some of the brother’s collection of fine watches and more here.

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