The Saga of Tyga Texting 14-Year-Old Molly O’Malia [Timeline]

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In 2015, Tyga took infinite ‘L’s. There’s no doubt or questions about that. Walking into the new year, it appeared his streak would end. Sadly, it carried over as 14-year-old Molly O’Malia’s name rang through the rumor mill after news of Tyga texting her came into light back in December. HHMW takes a look at the month-long fiasco between Tyga and Molly.

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Check out the Timeline Between Tyga & 14-Year-Old Molly O’Malia.

Blame Game

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Back in December, rumors began floating around the Twittersphere regarding Tyga texting a 14-year old gained velocity just weeks after many thought he and his girlfriend Kylie broke up.

The 14-Year-Old Was An Instagram Model

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Source: Twitter @kayley_moore

The girl that was being reported as the one who was texting Tyga was Instagram model Molly O’Malia. She’s 14 and decided to sue Ok! Magazine.