#ThrowbackThursday: Tupac Released His Final Album, 'Don Killuminati: The 7th Day Theory' 19 Years Ago Today

#ThrowbackThursday: Tupac Released His Final Album, ‘Don Killuminati: The 7th Day Theory’ 19 Years Ago Today

Tupac ‘Don Killuminati’ Album
Source: Death Row Records
On this day 19 years ago, hip hop was blessed with the sounds of Tupac’s fifth, and final, album, Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. The posthumous project saw a ton of success on the charts, and has been named as one of the greatest hip hop albums of all-time by countless of prestigious media outlets. Don Killuminati released big songs from Tupac, including “Me And My Girlfriend” and “Hail Mary,” which is one of his signature tracks to this date. [ad type=’inarticle1′] The title and cover art of the project alone stirred up controversy, and plays a big part in the myth that the rapper decided to fake his own death. Many believed that Tupac was going to make his return, despite being shot down in a drive-by shooting on September 13, 1996, which came based on the concepts he rapped about in his music. He even hinted at his own death in interviews, and predicted it completely in another unreleased one. The album will continue to go down in history as one of the best posthumous albums in music history. [ad type=’inarticle2′] Be sure to SHARE this with your friends.
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