Tupac Has Been Sighted Again!

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Since his death in 1996, hip hop has missed Tupac’s presence in the rap game very significantly. The late MC’s fans have come up with a lot of conspiracy theories that `Pac is still alive, while some claim to have seen him in Cuba. Well, with the Tupac biopic in the works, it looks like there has been another sighting of the beloved hip hop star.


Source: Twitter @macedo1611

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Tupac has been spotted!

tupac biopic

Source: Twitter @Variety

Demetrius Shipp Jr. plays Tupac in the upcoming Benny-Boom directed biopic, and from the looks of the photos that have just been released, they are spitting images of each other.

The biopic is in the works

tupac biopic

Source: Twitter @Variety

While the rest of the cast has been chosen, and filming has reportedly just begun, the actor portraying Tupac looks to be the closest in resemblance to his character.