Troy Ave Pays a Visit to the Breakfast Club to Defend His Album Sales

Troy Ave Pays a Visit to the Breakfast Club to Defend His Album Sales

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“I come from the dirt. I’m self made and self paid.” – Troy Ave on The Breakfast Club
Troy Ave paid a visit to Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club on Tuesday morning to get more in depth about his low album sales for his new album Major Without a Deal. Troy Ave only sold 4,500 copies of his new album last week. The low sales caused the media to have a field day, slandering the Brooklyn rapper and going as far as saying that his arrogance is what caused the low sales. Troy Ave defended himself fully on The Breakfast Club stating that as an independent artist the grind is very different than being signed to a major record label. He also emphasized that the fact that his album came out on Friday and album sales are recorded on Tuesday, he was already at a disadvantage. Troy Ave also spoke about the fans and writers who spoke bad about his album sales and criticizing his music. The Brooklyn rapper can’t see how any of his New York fans can have anything to say when he is the only New York rapper representing Hip Hop right now. Watch Troy Ave get passionate in his interview with The Breakfast Club above. We respect Troy Ave’s grind all the way! [related id=29040] [sweigh]

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