Timbaland Releasing Unheard Aaliyah Music: Is This What Fans Need For Closure?

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After many artists attempting to release unheard Aaliyah music over the years, Timbaland is finally giving us some proper new sounds from hip hop’s baby girl. The super producer has announced that he will be releasing a new mixtape, which was supposed to come out on Christmas Day, and it will feature new music from the fallen singer. Both Drake and Chris Brown used Aaliyah’s vocals on their own tracks in the past, much to the dismay of her family and Timbo, but now, one of her beloved friends is ready to give us some unheard material, proving that we shouldn’t feel guilty this time around.

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Hip hop still misses Aaliyah

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No matter how hard music tries, there is no replacing or substituting for Aaliyah. Some have argued that artists have harnessed a lot of her traits, features, or even skills on the mic, but no one has been able to give the same spirit that hip hop’s angel once did. Let’s not even get into the disaster that was Lifetime’s Aaliyah biopic.

Artists haven’t gotten her family’s permission to release unheard material

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Drake released “Enough Said” featuring vocals from the singer a few years back, being that he claims to be a huge Aaliyah fan. He even got a tattoo in honor of her at one point. Although Drizzy fans were eating the song up, her family was none too pleased to find out he had gotten his hands on her vocals without their permission. Even Timbaland and Missy weren’t too happy to see Drake release her stuff without their consent, being that they were the duo that Aaliyah went to for all of her music.