This Rapper Has Made Things Very Ugly Between Stevie J And Joseline…

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The Love & Hip Hop series has certainly shown tons of couples going through crazy times of breakups and makeups, but no couple has seemed to take it to the next level like Stevie J and Joseline. The two have been in and out of a relationship several times over the years, and their breakups always seem to turn pretty explosive. This time around however, things are getting messy – a rapper, as well as someone’s sexual orientation, seem to be in question.

stevie j joseline fight

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After a negative radio interview from Joseline, Stevie J took to Instagram to blast her.

While Joseline and him just separated after three years of allegedly being married, Stevie took to his Instagram to respond to her critical radio interview. He exclaimed, “[She is] talking about no music on the radio in 20 years. Ma, I still get more residuals off of any song I did in the ‘90s than you’ll ever get off any of them bum a** songs you did. I got a No. 1 record right now. You’ll never have that … Be careful, be very careful baby. And I’m not your husband. Never have been and never will be.”

Joseline responds by calling him a “straight up girl.”

Music Producer Stevie J with his wife recording artist Joseline Hernandez attend UrbanDaddy Presents Grey Goose Le Melon Fruit Of Kings

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Joseline comes for Stevie on Twitter to say that he has no cars, no money, and no house. He then says he’s a “girl” because of how much he likes to gossip. She also claims that Stevie is lying about them never being married, and that he’s only saying that because he’s hurt. Things didn’t stop there, however, as another rapper soon came in the picture.