This Rapper Has An Insane Fetish For Midgets

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Pastor Troy midgets

Source: Twitter @Simplemachines_

Here’s something you don’t hear everyday. Apparently, a famous rapper has gotten Little Women: Atlanta star Ashley “Minnie” Ross pregnant.

According to Page Six, Ross admitted to Pastor Troy being her baby daddy during a preview of a new episode of Little Women. When she was pressed regarding her pregnancy, she answered yes. Three weeks ago, Troy posted a picture of he and Ross on his Instagram with the caption reading: “Beyonce ride that surfboard, my baby ride skateboard! Shots look like regular drinks!”

What’s interesting is that the storyline of Little Women plays off the fact that Minnie revealed that she was in fact dating a rapper, despite her never disclosing who he was. Her cast mates questioned the legitimacy of their relationship since they were never spotted together. Troy spoke to XXL recently and told them that he isn’t the father of Minnie’s baby, so we can only imagine what’s going to happen next. SHARE this article.