The Worst Hip Hop TV Movies

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Michael Jackson: Man in the Mirror

Michael Jackson Man in the mirror movie

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This was just unacceptable. For one, Flex Washington shouldn’t have been given the opportunity to lay his fingers on this script. Secondly, Lifetime should have nosedived into oblivion after allowing themselves to air such a failure of a movie. Unacceptable.

Too Legit: The MC Hammer Story

Mc Hammer Too Legit TV Movie

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This movie was really, really bad. Thankfully, Romney Malco was able to land himself some decent roles after playing MC Hammer in this fiasco of a film.

Carmen – The Hip Hopera

Beyonce & Mekhi Phifer in Carmen

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Now, as a kid, this wasn’t so bad. When MTV elected to combine Hip Hop into an opera classic, we weren’t too mad at their attempt. But, looking back at it now, with it serving as Queen Bey’s small screen debut, this was definitely a no-no.