The Release of P.Diddy & The Bad Boy Family's LP 14 Years Ago Today

The Release of P.Diddy & The Bad Boy Family’s LP 14 Years Ago Today

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14 years ago, P.Diddy aka Sean Puffy Combs released an album called “The Saga Continues..” with his Bad Boy family. This project went on to full platinum status and also the album was the only record released under Sean’s alias, P.Diddy. It also marked the end of the joint venture between Bad Boy Entertainment and Arista Records. [ad type=’inarticle1′] But on a brighter note this album gave us two hip-hop classics that will always be remembered. Can you guess the names of the records? (1…2…3…). If you guessed “Bad Boy For Life” and “I Need A Girl, you were correct. Come hang with us at HHMW for awhile and take a trip down memory lane while watching these classic videos below. [ad type=’inarticle2’] If you remember the summer of 2001, SHARE this with a friend or family cause we all know that was a fun summer. [youtube clipid=”3Yd4GG3bed0″ autoplay=”0″] [youtube clipid=”tnqJeGJVIUU” autoplay=”0″]

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