The NFL’s Most Hated QB Is Giving Back In A Big Way

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The NFL season may be over, and fans might be sad to have to wait until September for it to start up again, but there’s still some major stuff happening in the off-season. One major quarterback is using his off-time to give back in a great way, and it involves lots of kids in need. Nickelodeon has teamed up with this famous footballer to create a show for children, displaying all of the great work he will be doing to give back. According to reports, filming has officially begun, and we already have some details.

Super Bowl 50 – Carolina Panthers v Denver Broncos

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Cam Newton starts filming Nickelodeon television show


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The show, which was originally announced in September, has finally started filming just after the NFL season ended this past month. While it was originally supposed to be called I Wanna Be, the show is now being called All In with Cam Newton.

What is the show’s concept?


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Being that he has a history of giving back to kids in major ways, on and off the field, Cam will be surprising one or two kids per episode, and pairing them up with their mentors who can help them achieve their goals. It definitely sounds similar to MTV’s Made, but for children.