The Game’s Greatest Beefs

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There hasn’t been a rapper in recent memory that has swam through the depths of turmoil and walked back on land unscathed like The Game. Since his inception in 2005, he has been entangled in so many beefs ranging from his battle with 50, to Jay Z, to now, even Young Thug. The Game relishes moments like these. While a slew of artists would be locked in the studios, frantically pacing as to what their next move should be, The Game treats his beefs like recreation. There’s a reason why after a decade, he has no scratches on him.

50 Cent & The Game Press Conference

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Joe Budden

joe budden BET Hip Hop Awards 2012

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Before Game dropped his debut album, he was beefing with Joe Budden to prove his loyalty to 50. The two traded barbs on wax early on in their careers, but later reconciled when The Game handed Joe a verse for “The Future.”


Audemars Piguet And The Tony Awards’ “Time To Give” Auction – After Party

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Even though The Game pegs Jay Z as one of his influences, he constantly tried to provoke Jay into battling him.  On “One Blood”, he rapped “You thirty-eight and you still rapping? / Urgh I’m 26 nigga, so is the dubs.” Jay Z never uttered a response to The Game.