The Evolution of Hip-Hop Messages

The Evolution of Hip-Hop Messages

When the 90s came the message changed.  The tone of ‘I’m great and you’re not’ persisted but the attacks got rougher, the language became overt, and people were getting outright mad on their records.  Talking about going out on a date with a woman was replaced by what positions she’d be thrown into over the course of the night.  Having mic skills was related to having equal skills selling drugs or handling problems with someone who had to be dealt with.  Not all of the songs were like this – there were some shining lights like, Tupak’s “Dear Mama”, but the 890s started the trend of gangstar rap and gave us tunes from AMG and NWA that I can’t even take lyrics from as an example.  Still, some were smooth with their game.  Biggie’s “Big Poppa” was testament to that, “… conversate for a few, cuz in a few, we gon’ do what we came to do, and that right, boo? (true)”.

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