The 23 Best White Rappers

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Slug is the rapping half of Atmosphere.

G Eazy

Back to the office tonight… New Orleans gonna go waaaayyyy up for Buku Fest… CC

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G Eazy holds it down for the West Coast and is one of the most talked about up and coming rappers in 2015.

Brother Ali

Extremely inspired by my brother, Rhymefest. Not only is he an incredible MC who battled Eminem off the top of the head and releases incredible music of his own, his lyricism has contributed to some of the greatest works of his homie Kanye West. A few years ago, Fest put his touring and writing on hold to run for alderman of his Southside Chicago neighborhood. I was blessed and amazed to sit in the basement of a church and watch him debate the incumbent Aldermen and other candidates. He proved to be an oratorical master and the seasoned politicians couldn’t handle him. Fest didn’t win the election but the incumbent only won by a slim margin and the point was made that hip-hop artists and young people have something very valuable to offer public service. Nowadays Rhymefest oversees Donda’s Housr, Kanye’s Community service organization named in honor of his mother. People credit me with being an artist and community leader and that’s something I’m striving to become, Brothers like this serve as outstanding role models.

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Brother Ali is an albino Muslim rapper who is all about social awareness.