The 7 Best Rap Comebacks

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Many rappers disappear off the face of the Earth for years at a time, and come back to find that the game has changed, like Pacino in Serpico. Outkast suffered a lackluster reception for their reunion show at Coachella this year, but here are 8 who made strong comebacks:

Wiz Khalifa


Wiz signed with Warner Bros back in 2006, but WB had trouble figuring out how to promote him. Wiz left in the label soon after and then struck gold on the mixtape and soon dropped Black & Yellow.

Kanye West


Right now, West is regarded as more of a pop culture punchline than the tremendous artist that he is. But remember that that’s exactly what everyone thought right before he dropped “Power.” Expect another comeback.

Juicy J

Getty Images

Getty Images

Juicy J rose from the ashes of the Three 6 Mafia, planting his own flag on the scene as a solo artist after the group fell from the spotlight.