The 12 Best MTV Cribs Episodes

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MTV Cribs has been off the air for almost a decade now, and the show is still pretty missed by fans, as they are curious about seeing more celebrity homes. With social media being so prominent, the show is almost not needed for a celebrity homes to be showed off, but we’re grateful for the ones that got the opportunity to be aired on MTV. From some of the most lavish homes, to some of the most regular environments that would make you, yourself, feel rich, let’s reflect on some of the best homes from the show.


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Mariah Carey


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Mariah didn’t have one of the most lavish cribs, but her episode was wild in that she didn’t have a care in the world while bathing in her tub, as well as rocking a sexy bathrobe around her home. She also set the standard for what it meant to have a walk-in closet.


redman cribs

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Redman shocked the whole crib community when he revealed his regular apartment, which was actually pretty dirty at the time. He even kept money in a shoe box, keeping some of his habits from pre-fame.