SUPERMARKET SWEEP: German Supermarket Mistakenly Receives $16.8 M In Yayo

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German supermarket chain, Aldi mistakenly received $16.8 M worth of cocaine to 14 of it’s Berlin locations. Reports are saying that the shipments of cocaine arrived from Columbia and were discovered by an employee while unpacking a box of bananas. Crazy sh*t right? Nah, it gets crazier- Apparently this isn’t the first time millions of dollars worth of cocaine have been shipped to the the German supermarkets. A lil’ less than four months ago, Aldi $8.2 M worth of coke, packed with bananas as well. It seems like this is no mistake! clearly, theres either an insider at these supermarkets or the supplier is just a dumb f*ck.

Let us know your thoughts on what you think the real story is?