Steph Curry Is Nice, But He’s Not Michael Jordan Nice

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Denver Nuggets v Golden State Warriors

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First off, let’s commend the Golden State Warriors for their epic play as of late. They have decimated their opponents with relative ease because of their shooting prowess and stifling defensive approach. Steph Curry? The boy has been unreal. The reigning MVP has trumped his contemporaries with his immaculate shooting. With the Warriors on the brink of making history by winning their first 16 games – if they defeat the lowly Lakers Tuesday night – the question of immortality lingers. Can this team topple Michael Jordan’s 96 Bulls?

Thus far, Curry is averaging 32.7 points a game. That’s well above his season-average of last year, which was 23 points. With his team sitting at 15-0 and matching the best start in NBA history, a lot of people have clamored for Curry doubling up and earning a second MVP.

Michael Jordan (C) of the Chicago Bulls yells at o

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During the 95-96 season, MJ torched his adversaries on a regular basis. He averaged over 30 points a game in a talent-laden league which featured Penny Hardaway, Reggie Miller, Karl Malone, Hakeem the Dream, and more. Mike’s path to the top wasn’t quite a cakewalk. With an awesome supporting cast, coach, and more, he led his team to 72 wins. Now, we can’t diminish the Warriors’ path to the chip, but, let’s remember, they defeated a depleted Cavs team that were deficient in talent sans James.

If the Warriors competed in the 90’s, two things would happen. They would still be able to compete because of their sheer athleticism and bevy of shooters, but they would also struggle mightily against the physicality of the players from the 90’s. The Warriors will definitely make history tonight by being the first team to win 16 consecutive games. That’s a no brainer. But, will they able to ever be mentioned in the same breath as MJ’s Bulls. Try again.

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