Smartphone to Smartbody – 5 Apps to Kick Your A** Into Gear

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Searching for the perfect fitness app these days feels like trying to find an Armani suit at the local Goodwill there’s so much content with so little quality. Your chances are slim (and, well … you’re not.) Whatever your routine is, we’re here to help you cut through the fat, so you can find the perfect smartbody app to help you show off to all those beach bunnies and honeys.

1. Argus


Just like the friend who tells you, “Maybe you shouldn’t eat that” or “Why don’t you take the stairs instead?” Argus stays with you all day long to help you track and improve your daily level of fitness. Instead of sporting a Nike Fuelband or a Jawbone, just carry your phone in your pocket, and you’ll keep track of any movement you make and how many calories you burn. Argus also tracks calorie intake, sleep cycle, and weight loss/gain goals, and it even tells you the weather!

2. Runtastic Six Pack


“Six Pack” the two most magical words in the world of fitness. Reach the holy grail with an app catered specifically toward helping you to strengthen only your core with more than 50 ab workouts. Confused? Follow the leader with an avatar that leads you through the movements for each exercise.

3. Sleep Cycle

sleep-cycle If you’re not recouping your energy, you’re not making progress. Sleep Cycle calculates the quality of rest you get each night by monitoring just how much you toss and turn. When used as an alarm clock, it wakes you softly and naturally, so you can always wake up on the right side of the bed before heading to the gym.