Slow The Backlash: Ayesha Curry Has A Great Point

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Yesterday, Ayesha Curry sent Twitter in a frenzy after she tweeted out her opinions on women’s “classy” fashion of these days. The wife to Stephen Curry shared some strong opinions, stating that she keeps her goods covered up for her man, which she classified as a classy way to present one’s self. While many applauded her for her statements, tons of women took to their social media to send her a lot of heavy backlash.

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Source: Instagram @ayeshacurry

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The tweets

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Source: Instagram @ayeshacurry

Ayesha tweeted, “Everyone’s into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style. I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters.” She continued, “Just looking at the latest fashion trends. I’ll take classy over trendy any day of the week. #saturdaynightinsight. Regardless of if you like my “style of clothes” or not (which I don’t care) please do not tear women down and degrade them… Not cool peeps.”

The backlash

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Source: Instagram @ayeshacurry

Following the tweets, girls began to speak out on Ayesha, showing their disagreement with her statements. Some even evaluated aspects of her, including her sex appeal and her own style. People even started attacking other women that were defending her.