Rappers With Famous Tattoos

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Lloyd Banks


Source: UrbanInk.com

Just like David Banner, Lloyd Banks has his tattoo on his back. It reads Rotten Apple and it was done by Chris Garver who is quite well known for his artistic touch. Not many rappers market their work through tattoos, but this one is among the few exceptions where Banks is referring to his album.

Paul Wall


Source: thisis50.com

Pauls tattoos are sleeves all over his arms. He is illustrated as a clown and his teeth are totally bling’d out. This is the work of Mr. Cartoon who is also responsible for many of the hip hop artists tattoos.



Photo: Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images

One of the most iconic tattoos on females in the hip hop industry is Eves ink. The tats feature two little paws on her chest.