Rappers Who Have Been Accused of Murder

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Gucci Mane


This legendary rapper was charged with killing his best friend, Pookie Loc. The fight started when rapper Young Jeezy put a hit out on Gucci Manes chain, when a group of men including Guccis best friend came to collect on the bounty, Gucci took them all on resulting in the death of his best friend. He later beat the rap, even though he partially buried the body, in a case of self defense.

Big Lurch


His story is perhaps one of the most disturbing. In 2002 Tynsha Ysais, Lurchs roommate, was found dead and disemboweled in the apartment that they shared. Not only where her bowels removed, her lungs had also been ripped out and she had bite marks all over her body. Lurch was later found completely naked in the middle of the street covered in blood howling at the sky. It was later concluded that Lurch was high on PCP when he attacked and killed Ysais and he was sentenced to life without possibility of parole.


Jay-Dee Da Lench Mob rapper

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Dasean Cooper, or J-Dee in the rap community, was sentenced to 29 years for the 1993 murder of his boo’s roommate, Scott Charles. Allegedly, the victim told Dee’s woman that he was bedding other girls around town, so Dee went after him. Dee was the protege of rap superstar Ice Cube and had a “blossoming” career prior to the incident.