Rappers Who Have Been Accused of Murder

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Sure a lot of rappers are seen in videos and in the press waving guns and acting wild, but that doesn’t mean they committed a crime, but these rappers have been accused of murder. You won’t believe how many have been accused, and some may even surprise you.

Snoop Dogg Mug Shot 1993

So start the slide show below and scroll through each one, as you’d be surprised how many hip hop stars have been accused.

C Murder


If his name was not enough, C Murder (or Corey Miller) was part of the rap group TRU with his brothers. After a fight resulted in the shooting and beating death of 16 year old fan, Steve Thomas, in 2002, Miller was identified as the culprit. Miller was convicted of second degree murder but the verdict was later overturned by the supreme court. He was again found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.


Clint Massey RondoNumbaNine mugshot


At only the age of 17 this Chicago based rapper RondoNumbaNine, alongside fellow rapper Cdai, was charged with the murder of Javan Boyd, a livery driver. Although NumbaNine (born Clint Massey) never had the opportunity to make it big, the up-and-coming rapper’sHang Wit Me remix video on YouTube has reached almost 4 million hits.