Rae Sremmurd Really Knows How To Stir Up Controversy…

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When they addressed the ghostwriting rumors

REVOLVE Pop-Up Launch Party

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Ebro of Hot 97 has already accused Rae Sremmurd of using ghostwriters for the group’s lyrics, which is what made their debut album such a success. The duo responded to the claims in their interview with Fader, where Swae Lee stated, “It’s such a false statement. Where’d it come from? You pulled it out your ass. If you want to know who wrote my shit, go to my album credits.”

When they were named as the #3 best album on Complex’s year-end list last year

BET AWARDS ’14 – Radio Broadcast Center – Day 1

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What originally got Ebro hot-headed about Rae Sremmurd was when they were given the #3 placing on the outlet’s Top 50 Albums of 2015 list. Not only did the radio host have Complex representatives come up to the station to discuss it, but he even got Twitter heavily involved in the conversation.

When they proved Ebro and their haters wrong by sticking it to them with a 20-minute freestyle on Time Westwood’s radio show

REVOLVE Pop-Up Launch Party

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Rae Sremmurd may be accused of having ghostwriters, but it would probably be hard to hire anyone to help them write enough rhymes for a 20-minute freestyle. The duo hit up Tim Westwood’s radio show, where they spit on the microphone for 20 straight minutes, and won over majority of the popular show’s listeners.