R.Kelly Promises To Never Do This Sexual Act Under Any Circumstances

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R.Kelly has rebounded pretty well after he skated away innocent from his child pornography case in 2008. Despite his resume including several blemishes stemming from his muddy ordeal, he dropped several albums and still remains a concert attraction. So, whenGQ’sChris Heath questioned R.Kelly about his thoughts on Dave Chappelle’s infamous “Piss on You” skit from The Chappelle Show, the singer was utterly oblivious as to who the comedian was.

GQ: Given that a lot of people believe that the video shows you, some of the behaviors on the video have become associated with you, particularly urination as part of sex. Pissing on people. You must have seen that Dave Chappelle skit. 

Kelly: “No, I haven’t.”

GQ: He did several clips on his show.

Kelly: “David Chappelle? [as though trying to place the name] David Chappelle? I don’t…”

GQ: Chappelle’s Show. Very famous.

Kelly: “Okay…comedian?”

GQ: Really famous comedian.

Kelly: “Okay, a comedian. Okay…go on.”

GQ: And acting as you, he did a parody of “Ignition (Remix)” called “Piss on You.”

Kelly: “Mmmm.”

GQ: Likewise Macklemore mentioned it in his first big hit. [“Thrift Shop” includes the lyric ‘Probably shoulda washed this, smells like R. Kelly’s sheets…pissssss.’] This has become part of popular culture.

Kelly: “Whole lot of things become popular culture.”

GQ: But this is your name.

Kelly: “Especially when it comes to a comedian, man. First of all, I have no respect for a comedian when it comes to being serious. If you get that. That’s a joke.”

Things all got weirder from there.

Dave Chappelle – “Piss On You”

Then, one thing that kind of became a trademark of Kelly even though he continues to vehemently deny this claim: R. Kelly peeing on women. Once again, Heath darted more hard-hitting questions to Kels and this time, he asked whether he liked peeing on women. Of course, R.Kelly refuted those claims.

GQ: Well, to ask the embarrassing question—to give you a chance to clarify something—and this wouldn’t be illegal, but is that something you like as part of sex?

Kelly: “Absolutely not.”

GQ: In no circumstances?

Kelly: “No.”

So there you have it. R.Kelly has no idea who Dave Chappelle is and he would never ever under any circumstances pee on a woman. Please make sure to SHARE with your friends.