VarCityRockland County, NY
Michel Laforest
September 26, 1989
Years Active
2008 - present



Born September 26, 1989, Music Producer Michel Laforest, Jr. a.k.a Jay Varcity is from Rockland County, NY. Jay Varcity is a musician who plays three to six instruments, who can rap, and create a hit. He has a catchy sound that is very distinctive, noticeable, and newsworthy quality music. You cannot put a finger on his sound and his musical influences are endless, which means you cannot isolate his music as the same rap music that is out now.

With so many musical genre styles, he can create almost every genre of music. Being able to play six different instruments, and consistently working with local and a few signed artists, he managed to engineer, mix, and performs his own vocals on these tracks.

Jay Varcity is very passionate about his work; He states, "The sky is the limit and keep the dream alive." Growing up in his hometown in Rockland, NY, Varcity listened to light FM with his mother, which influenced the R&B/Soul/Rock vibe, while his Caribbean father influenced his Caribbean musical background. Varcity’s brother, Jean Laforest, who helped expose his music, and noticed his talent, which kept him inspired to create musical genres such as, hip hop/R&B, was murdered in 2004. His sister started playing chopsticks on the piano and then music caught his attention, which made him fall in love with sound.

Some of his influences include Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, Nas, Outkast, Rakim, Wu-Tang, Dru Hill, KRS-One, Canibus, LL Cool J, the list goes on. His musical production influences are Timbaland, Kanye West, Justice League, Alchemist, Pharell, Dr. Dre, 9th Wonder, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Drumma Boy, Lex Lugar, and genres, as well.

He has produced the likes of Scotti Boi from Rick Ross’ Maybach Music, Swanky Music Vol. 1, and his solo album titled, No Features. Jay Varcity is at a new level in his music by continually striving to get better at his craft to create better music. With family members looking to him for inspiration, such as his niece, who also raps, is one of his biggest fans. The name Jay Varcity was developed through his high school football career when he was a freshman on the Varsity football team.

Jay Varcity believes today's hip-hop beats sound the same and the messaging is all the same. However, his music style has way more substance and good quality beats. He hopes to continue going hard with his music and giving the public a little bit or everything. Jay Varcity wants the world to know him as a diverse music producer and rap artist. Jay Varcity A.K.A the Haitian Kanye West.