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February 11, 1997
Dance, Pop, Jerseyclub, Trap


Lil C4

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Woodbridge, NJ

Producer Lil C4, born in Elizabeth and raised in Newark, New Jersey, took an interest in music as early as 12 years old during elementary school. Once making music became habitual for him, the computer was moved from his mother's basement to his living room. Dedicated and ambitious, C4 teamed up with guys he grew up with to dance, and get the Jersey Club feel going amongst their close group of friends. C4 did not realize the length or potential of his talents in the beginning. During his initial years of learning his craft and the business, his older brother C4Musiq motivated and educated him on the basics, which helped to strengthen his career.

During his freshman year of high school, C4 moved to Woodbridge, where his name began to become a common staple in his area. It was when he began to see his peers dance to his music, that he realized the level of support he had continuously. His fanbase has grown from local to international recognition as his work ethics have become undeniable. Lil C4 has been featured on Billboard (41 Best Jersey Club Songs Ever list), MTV commercials, HipHopWeekly, <em >The Hype magazine, and was spun on Hot97 NYC and Power99 Philly. One of his biggest hits, "Bouncin," featured talented vocalist and artist, Tokyo, is at 7.7 million views, and continuously growing.

Famous celebrities such as Kaylin Garcia, who used "Bouncing" in one of her video workouts, and Zay Hilfiger who recently was Dancing to my "Poke Your Back Out" Jerseyclub Remix on Instagram.

LilC4 – Kose Kuze (Solo Cypher)