Radio Station DJ Suspended Over Instagram Post

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Pittsburg’s No. 1 Urban station, WAMO 100’s disc jockey, Jax was suspended over a controversial post he made on Instagram following the death of Freddie Gray. Earlier this week Jax, whose real name is Mike Jackson posted on Instagram a list of criminal charges he claimed Freddie Gray had faced in recent years with the comment: “He was pretty busy before he was unjustly killed at the hands of Baltimore PD. #prayforbaltimore.” Apparently what he said didn’t sit too well with listeners and station heads. Soon after, Jax started to receive complaints and threats. Despite a public on-air apology where he stated, he wasn’t trying to justify Gray’s death, but just the opposite, he has been suspended indefinitely until the station further investigates.

What are your thoughts on the station suspending him? Or, do you think he was exercising his First Amendment right with freedom of speech/press?