Is The Color Pink Making It's Way Back To Hip Hop?

Is The Color Pink Making It’s Way Back To Hip Hop?

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Pink, traditionally is known as a girly color- but it wasnt until Harlems very own, Cam’ron started wearing it in the early 2000’s that it became “ok” for men to do it. Since then the color, in hip-hop, has somewhat gone away, but it seems like its raising its light pastel hue again. With artists like Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, Future, 2 Chainz and others constantly pushing and challenging the rules of fashion, where starting to notice pink, slowly make its way back to mainstream hip-hop. Except, this time not as bright as before, but instead pastels, flesh tones and lighter shades of pink. Is pink the new black? Do you think this is a trend that should stay in 2000s or do you think its worth bringing back?
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