NYPD Beats Down Aspiring Brooklyn Rapper

NYPD Beats Down Aspiring Brooklyn Rapper

NYPD caught on camera beating a man up
With racial and police tension in America at an all-time (and alarming) high, it seems like you have to either walk on pins and needles or avoid the cops all together so that you won’t be wrongfully stopped or arrested for the tiniest offense. It’s almost as if were freed prisoners. [ad type=’inarticle1′] Recently in NYC, while on a quest to get food, an aspiring rapper got a beat down instead, but not just any beat down —a beat down from the New York Police Department’s police officers  that would later land him in jail with no bail. Why? Because Thomas Jennings was out getting something to eat a store clerk said that he stole salt and pepper shakers and threatened the clerk with a knife. [ad type=’inarticle2′] In the video below you can see Jennings raising his hands, indicating surrender, before two NYPD officers beat him with fists and batons. Following the beating and arrest, he was held without bail until mid-July. He was soon after released due to the fact the DA did not present the case to a grand jury. If in fact Jennings committed the crime, the way the police acted out was unacceptable and because the case didn’t make it to the grand jury doesn’t mean this story should go away either. Check out the full story here. Check out the video below and SHARE with everyone! Police brutality has got to stop!

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