NYC Mayor Says Eric Garner Didn't Deserve Death

NYC Mayor Says Eric Garner Didn’t Deserve Death

[youtube clipid=”eLbqsr51OZw” autoplay=”0″] NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio called Hot 97 to discuss the no indictment decision in relation Eric Garner’s death. The new mayor reassured New Yorkers he was just as outraged by the ruling, and promised he will take further action on the case. Check out his official statement above.
It’s bigger than Staten Island and the people should respect that each one of these pieces of the equation matters,” Mr. de Blasio said on HOT 97. “When the attorney general is paying attention, that matters. When the police commissioner–and this police commissioner has devoted himself to the reform of the police department and he says, ‘We’re going to do our own internal investigation,’ that makes clear that that’s going to be an investigation that has consequences. So I do think it’s hard to have patience but people have to respect … the process.
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